Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Go On, Say It...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blind Pilot is a great band. I had the opportunity to see them live earlier this month when they played in Ann Arbor. I had their single "Go On, Say It" from a sampler CD, and I really liked it, and since I was volunteering at the venue, I didn't have to buy a ticket so I couldn't possibly lose in this situation...free live music, can't get much better than that. And I can honestly say I was not disappointed at all. Blind Pilot put on a great show. Their music is kinda low key, but apparently they've got some more upbeat songs up their sleeve that they just haven't released yet (see "We Are the Tide"). I was so impressed that I bought their CD, 3 Rounds and a Sound, from the merch table and it's seriously been playing non-stop since. Favorites include "The Bitter End," "Oviedo," and "One Red Thread," but all the tracks are pretty solid.

They do cool things too, like do bike tours down the west coast. Badass. You should buy their album and see them when they play in your area.

Bitter End
We Are The Tide
Go On, Say It

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