Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First post!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I started this blog because I absolutely love love love sharing what I’m listening to with my friends. So I figure instead of sending out little messages to a bunch of different people I can just put it in a centralized location. If you like something I post I strongly encourage you to buy directly from the artist/band. Most of the posts won’t be about crazy popular groups so any bit you buy directly from the source will probably be really appreciated (Or you can just email me and maybe I’ll make you a mix cd. You won’t receive it in a timely manner b/c I’m awful at getting things done on time...but beggars can’t be choosers) Disclaimer: If you are an artist/band and want a post removed email me and it will be done asap. Now onto the good stuff…

I’ve been on a HUGE folk-y kick recently. Maybe it was anticipation of the folk festival that was the last weekend in January but I just can’t stop listening to it. Be it Iron & Wine, Vetiver, old school Dylan, etc. etc., it seems to be physically impossible to listen to something else. Joe Pug needs to be getting more attention than he is (which is hardly any). They invited him to play one song a night at the folk festival and it wasn’t nearly enough. He’s got a great EP out right now and I’ve heard that if you email him and tell him you like his stuff he’ll send you a copy for free. But he’s someone who it would be totally worth paying the $10. Seriously check this guy out.

Like the rest of the music blogging world I have been completely infatuated with Bon Iver. Their music is kind of haunting but it’s SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. They just released an EP on emusic.com to follow up their album they put out last year…I highly suggest checking both out. “For Emma, Forever Ago” was one of my favorite albums of last year. And their collaboration with another new favorite artist of mine, Lykke Li, for her song Dance Dance Dance, is kind of awesome too. I’ve also been digging Andrew Bird. He has a new album out that I have yet to explore. And for something a little more upbeat try out Los Campesinos track, You!Me!Dancing!. It makes me happy. And if you missed the Grammys on Sunday Radiohead and the USC marching band did a pretty baller job with 15 step. It's taking forever and a day for me to upload the video I have of it so just the song will have to do for now.

Andrew Bird-Fiery Crash (filefactory)
Joe Pug - Hymn #101 (filefactory)
Lykke Li w/ Bon Iver - Dance Dance Dance (filefactory)
Los Campesinos - You!Me!Dancing!
Radiohead w/ USC marching band - 15 Step

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