Friday, June 12, 2009

the more i buy the more i'm bought

Friday, June 12, 2009

I know I've blogged about him before, but Joe Pug is awesome. The Chicago based singer/songwriter is going to be to playing the Newport Folk Festival this year, and I really really really really wish I could go. Seriously it's going to be amazing. Look at the line-up and tell me you're not impressed. I dare you. Anyways, I was browsing his myspace page the other day to see if there's any new material, and after being thoroughly impressed with his tour schedule (touring with Steve Earle and Josh Ritter and hitting up a bazillion festivals...), I found a video of him giving six concerts in six hours in Chicago. I love it.

I also came across tracks from a show he did at Schuba's Tavern in Chi-town thanks to Ghost of Electricity. I love Tom Waits and I think he does a pretty decent job on Ol' 55. Better than the Eagles version (I hate the fucking Eagles, man). I've been fortunate to see Joe live twice, and REALLY recommend that everybody try to catch him at least once this summer.
Ol' 55 (hl)

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Anonymous said...

Kari- Let me know if you want to make it to Newport this summer. I can give you a might big discount.

Jay Sweet
Folk @ 50 Producer

kari said...

Jay- I'd love to make it to Newport. How big of a discount are we talking? I have to make sure I can fit it in with work, but let me know. Drop me an Thanks!!

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