Thursday, June 25, 2009

the king of pop and sharon jones

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First and foremost a HUGE HUGE HUGE RIP to the one and only Michael Jackson. I think I'm still in shock that he's actually dead. True, he was completely bat shit crazy, but he pioneered pop music, and no matter what he will always be the king of pop. The "Thriller" video always terrified me but I watched it anyways b/c it was (and is) awesome. His music always takes me back to elementary school when our 4th and 5th grade classes sang "Man in the Mirror" at school assemblies. What a sad day. RIP MJ. What a shitty week in the entertainment world losing 3 icons in one week. Oofda.

But the main point of this post is Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings. If you haven't seen them live you are SERIOUSLY missing out. They played the Summer Festival here in Ann Arbor tonight and it was awesome. Some of the old fuddy duddies were upset that the main floor got turned into a dance floor but seriously. If you don't start moving when Sharon Jones is on stage something is wrong with you. Sharon Jones is a spark plug, whose petite 4'11" frame flies around the stage dancing up a storm, as she belts out funky soul tune after funky soul tune. You would NEVER NEVER guess that she was 53 years old. It is about time that she is getting the attention she very much deserves. She and the Dap-Kings have a new album coming out soon and from the tracks she played tonight from it, it's going to be a damn good album. Go see her live...she's playing a bunch of festivals this summer...and buy her albums. NOW!!
This Land Is Your Land
Humble Me
Nobody's Baby

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